We are pioneers of diverse knowhow providers, owning cutting-edge patented technologies worth billions of dollars. Our senior staff have extensive technical consultancy experience with the largest oil and gas companies worldwide, such as Shell, Statoil, Wintershall, Chevron, Petronas, Petrochina, TAQA Energy, 3m and E.ON. We proudly express our enthusiasm to use our skills and expertise for Iranian fields.

We have a deep understanding of the drivers of the global energy market and in particular of dynamics of the oil and gas sectors. Also, we are adamantly committed to the highest health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards.Our staff and contractors are among the best specialist in the world in the different geosciences and petroleum engineering disciplines:

1-Our senior staff have 15 to 35 years professional experience with major international oil companies

2-Our  junior staff (5 to 15 years) are trained at top geosciences and petroleum engineering universities.

We deliver what we promise and we deliver it on time. Stakeholder management is our priority; however challenging each stakeholder concern or demand is attended with the greatest care. We have strong business ethics: we respect our clients, listen to them and engage them in our business.